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Luna Bazaar: Wedding Decor!

Posted in Decor Ideas by Jaime on May 13, 2008

Planning A Wedding Or Hosting A Party? I’ve Got Two Words For YouLuna Bazaar!

Luna Bazaar welcomes you to decor heaven with fabulous product in every color imaginable!

They have a huge collection of gifts too. How sweet are these Kimono Silk Coin Purses, for only $3.00?!

Think “bridesmaid gift idea“!

This shop offers several diffferent design and color themes, along with plenty of ideas to inspire you. 

You’ll find exactly what you need to create the perfect atmosphere for entertaining!

The best part? You get to save some money, honey! Not only do they offer beautiful product, but Luna Bazaar is also extremely affordable!

You’ll have to see for yourself! Go to and get ready to party!


Coco Myles!

Posted in Uncategorized by Jaime on April 17, 2008

Tired of trying to find the perfect combination of dresses to make all your bridesmaids happy? Let’s face it, as women, we come in all different shapes and sizes. And sometimes, trying to find dresses can be a task that’s both frustrating and tiring for both you and your girls!

How many times have you stood up in a wedding where you wish the bride would have chosen a dress that looked good on everyone, instead of the one that just looked “so cute” on little Miss Size Zero?

No offence Miss Size Zero…we’ve been there with you too. Yes, I’m sure many of us were once close to a size zero at one point, however we’re not 19 anymore. Gone are the days of dancing off calories until dawn every night, and running your butt off to serve tables.

We’re growing up, and growing curves. And these womanly curves need to scream “SEXY!”, not “HELP ME, I NEED TO BREATHE!”.

Do not fear, Coco Myles is here! Coco Myles offers not only offers an amazing collection of celebrity-inspired dresses you can choose from, but also a collection of different tops and bottoms, a maternity collection, and also the perfect dress for your junior maids!

Let your girls look like a million bucks, for only a few bucks. All of their dresses are really quite affordable compared to the majority of dresses out there in stores. But the best part? Your bridesmaids can have their dresses CUSTOM MADE to fit not only their taste, but their bodies too. Let them choose from different styles, colors and fabrics, with or without a sash. Get them glam!

I just recently received my dress from Coco Myles which I absolutely love…I tried it on, it fits perfectly, and it’s so very flattering! The quality and feel of the fabric is amazing. I couldn’t be happier!

Normally that is not how I feel after picking up a dress. More than half the time, I end up having to get the dress altered. It’s not only frustrating, but can get expensive too! It gets stressful. I’m happy to say I don’t have to do that with my Coco Myles dress. It was a great deal when I got it, and an even better deal now that I don’t have to get it altered!

Guarantee your girls comfort, style and your photographer great looking pictures! And when your girls save tons of money by purchasing a Coco Myles dress, who knows – maybe they’ll splurge on you!

Wrap Yourself & Your Bridesmaids In Luxury!

Posted in Uncategorized by Jaime on April 9, 2008

I recently ordered a cashmere & silk pashmina wrap from The Pashmina Store for my friend’s wedding coming up, and had to share with you how excited I was when I received it! I loved everything about it…the quality, the feel, the detailing and the comfort. It was so very soft and luxurious feeling!

I wear it all the time, and I get so many compliments on it! I can’t wait to wear it to my friend’s wedding. It’s great for covering up on a cool night wrapped around your arms, and works well wrapped around your neck as a scarf for casual wear. There are so many ways to wear a pashmina wrap! They can even be used as throws!

From shawls, wraps, scarves, blankets and more, you’ll surely find something you love at The Pashmina Store. They come in several different colors, using pashmina cashmere and silk. Perfect for weddings or other special occasions, and also great for comfy cozy casual wear too. They make wonderful gifts, especially for bridesmaids!

Featured in several magazines including Good Housekeeping, Southern Bride, InStyle and Marie Claire, you know they’re a trustworthy company. And I couldn’t agree more!



Check it out and get yours now at:

Get stylish, get comfy cozy, and get compliments galore at The Pashmina Store!

Frilly Cakes!

Posted in Cakes, Food & Drink by Jaime on March 14, 2008

Check out the cakes over at – some sweet original inspiration!

Baseball Cufflinks!

Posted in Gift Ideas, Style and Fashion by Jaime on March 5, 2008

Your groom lives for not only you, but baseball too?  Why not give him these great baseball cufflinks…small enough that they’re not ruining whatever classic look he’s going for…but big enough that his heart would appreciate. 

Love them?  Get them for only $27.95 at: Estilo Weddings!

Wonderful Blog: Snippet & Ink!

Posted in Inspiration Boards by Jaime on March 4, 2008

I’ve found SO much inspiration from, you’ve gotta check it out if you haven’t yet.  Here’s a few of my favorite boards from Snippet & Ink…enjoy!


Polkadot Man.

Posted in Style and Fashion by Jaime on February 29, 2008

How cool is this polka dot tie and bout?

Found at: The Bride’s Cafe – one of my very favorite blogs!

Oh, Martha!

Posted in Cakes, favors, Food & Drink by Jaime on February 29, 2008

Gotta love her inspiring ideas!  I mean, really…

I love it.  Daisy cupcakeschocolate brownies with daisy decor picksyellow candies…and best of all, yellow bubbles as favors

To find out how it was all pulled together so you can do it yourself, go HERE!

Mellow Yellow!

Posted in Cakes, Placecards by Jaime on February 29, 2008

 These pictures made me smile. 🙂

Creative Yellow Happiness! 

Found at!

LOOOOOOVE Lovely Shoes!

Posted in Style and Fashion by Jaime on February 28, 2008

Oh. My. GOODNESS!  Will you look at these shoes!?  Aren’t they beautiful?


How perfect would they be to wear with your wedding dress…I’m in love!  And they’re YELLOW!  Goes with your theme perfectly.   So many brides are now wearing shoes in the color of their wedding colors…it’s hot.  And so are these shoes.

Originally discovered at the Creature Comforts blog.  Whoa.

“Ma Maudie” Gold Satin Sandal

  • Adjustable ankle strap.
  • Jewel detail on vamp.
  • Approximate heel height is 3 3/4”.
  • Satin.
  • Imported.
  • Originally $225.00, get yours on sale for only $112.50 HERE

    (Even better – after you wear them on your wedding day, you can wear them out again for years to come!)

    Buy In Bulk!

    Posted in Centerpiece Ideas by Jaime on February 28, 2008

    You planted sunflower seeds in your backyard. They didn’t turn out as many as you had hoped? Fear not! You can order them online at Costco! Get 150 stems for only $129.99, or 80 stems for $89.99! Now you’ve got what you need to create your centerpieces. – Don’t have a memebership? Ask a friend or family member if they’ll go with you, and use theirs!

    Another place to try online is, they too have a floral section to buy in bulk!

    Love Is Sweet…Indeed!

    Posted in favors, Food & Drink by Jaime on February 27, 2008

    Candy buffets are the perfect way to have your guests make their own favors!  Provide your guests with a little love note at their seat, telling them to take a bag from the buffet table and fill it with their favorite candies!  Choose candy colors that compliment your wedding colors, place them in jars, and you’re set!

    I love how these are set up! 

    For more candy buffet inspiration, go to: The Candy Buffet Bio!

    And It Was All…Yellow.

    Posted in Inspiration Boards by Jaime on February 26, 2008

    Inspiration found at: The Wedding Decorator.


    Posted in Style and Fashion by Jaime on February 25, 2008

    How ’bout a little inspiration for the guys?

    Found at:  The Rantings Of A Self-Confessed Wedding Addict.

    Romance By Candlelight…

    Posted in Decor Ideas by Jaime on February 19, 2008

    Set the mood by using candles to decorate…the warm glow will surely make your guests fill cozy and welcome!

    Don’t feel like spending a fortune on candles?  Why not get a free shopping spree for hosting a Partylite Candle Party?  Whether you host it in your home or pass out catalogs at work, it’s the perfect excuse to have fun and enjoy great deals on candles, while getting free ones at the same time! 

    Email Janet:, my favorite Partylite consultant in Chicago.  She’d be happy to help show you how! 

    Check out what Partylite can do for you at:!


    Wrapped In Beauty.

    Posted in favors, Gift Ideas by Jaime on February 19, 2008

    I LOVE this wrapping inspiration found at: Style-ish Wedding!

    This would be perfect for either favor boxes or bridal party gifts if you choose to give them. 

    Rice Krispy Tree(t)…

    Posted in Cakes, Centerpiece Ideas, Food & Drink, Ways To Save Money by Jaime on February 19, 2008

    Everyone Loves Rice Krispy Treats.  So Why Not Have A Rice Krispy Tree?

    Want to think outside the cake box?  Instead of having an expensive cake, make a Rice Krispy tree!  You could also use these as centerpieces or as something special on a dessert buffet.

    This would be a very easy (maybe time consuming) Do-It-Yourself project, and could also save you tons of money!

    What you’ll need:

    A pot(to use as the base), styrafoam for the middle (think tall cylinder shape or better a tree shape if you can find one), tissue paper (in your wedding colors), wooden popsicle sticks, your favorite rice krispy treat recipe, and chocolate to dip them in.

    What I’d do:

    Bake your treats like normal.  After baking, either cut them into circles or form them into balls.  Next, stick a wooden stick into each of the Rice Krispy Treats.  After you’re done with that, dip them into chocolate (the kind you put on ice-cream that hardens when frozen), and stick in freezer.

    After the chocolate has hardened in the freezer, take them out.  Wrap each cookie with tissue paper around the base of the stick, but allowing the cookie to show.  Place stick into the styrafoam middle.  Work your way up until you have your tree!  As you work your way towards the top of the tree, start facing cookies up to form the shape of the tree. 

    Wa-la!  You now have your Rice Krispy Tree!

    Note: This rice krispy treat idea was my own, but the inspiration came from this picture found at: A Bride In The Making.  I am not sure if tree shown is actually rice krispy treats or cookies, but if I were to make it, that’s how I’d do it.  Happy baking!

    P.S. Used with yellow tissue paper, this kind of resembles a sunflower look, doesn’t it? 🙂  Whoa.

    Sunflowers & Billy Buttons…

    Posted in Decor Ideas, Table Decor, Ways To Save Money by Jaime on February 18, 2008

    Running out of dough but still want to add more touches of yellow for your wedding day? 

    Instead of begging everyone you know to start planting sunflower seeds in hopes you’ll be able to have more sunflowers at your wedding, why not take a trip to the craft store instead? 

    Think about using sticks or some sort of flower wire, to poke into styrafoam balls, which you could spray paint yellow and place into vases!  They could look like faux billy-button flowers!  

    Idea found at:!


    Posted in Table Decor by Jaime on February 18, 2008

    One of my favorite sites for all things food, recipes, and dinner hosting is

    PartySugar was able to attend a preview of DIFFA’s Dining By Design, a fundraiser hosted by Elle Decor.  Of the many tablescapes she encountered and posted on Yum Sugar, this was my very favorite.  Take a look!

    To see more of the tablescapes she was delighted to see, go HERE.

    Wall Of Inspiration!

    Posted in Inspiration Boards by Jaime on February 15, 2008

    Inspiration board by:

    Baseball Yumifications…

    Posted in Bring In Baseball, favors by Jaime on February 15, 2008

    Still not decided on how to bring a little touch of baseball into your wedding

    Why not give out chocolate baseballs as your favors?  You could easily dress them up in different kinds of containers to flow with the black/white/yellow sunflower theme, and when they open the container your love of baseball will be a hit, as everyone loves chocolate!

    Get them HERE, at The Magic Wand Sweet Shop!

    Something To Remember…

    Posted in Welcome by Jaime on February 14, 2008

    Found at: Perfect Bound!

    Polka Dot or Polka Damask?

    Posted in Decor Ideas, Table Decor by Jaime on February 8, 2008

    Oooh…don’t you just love the mix of damask and polka dots together?  How stylishly fresh!

    Found at: Lucky Designs!

    Overdue…Here’s More Inspiration!

    Posted in Decor Ideas, Table Decor by Jaime on February 7, 2008

    Hello…daaahhhhlings!  I know, it’s been a couple of days since I’ve posted anything…but fear not, you’re not forgotten!  I’ve just been a busy little bee, that’s all!

    Here’s some recent beautiful inspiration I found for you…hope you enjoy! 


    Images from:!


    Heard It Through The Grapevine…Honey, Honey…Yeh….

    Posted in Style and Fashion by Jaime on February 7, 2008

    I heard through the grapevine that this is the dress you’re looking at for your bridesmaids?  Very cute! 

    Silk Taffeta Lorelei Dress from:$215.00

    Details – Dramatic and sophisticated in lightweight silk taffeta. Strapless silhouette. Fitted bodice, full skirt with allover box pleats. Interior corset for added support. On-seam pockets. Back zip. Fully lined. Falls just above knee; 23″ from natural waist. Import. Dry clean. Catalog/ only.

    Will You Marry Me, Lovely Cake?

    Posted in Cakes by Jaime on February 1, 2008

    All I have to say about this cake is, “wow”.  Add some sunflowers on top and you’re set!

    Cake found at: Dolcissima Events

    Bling Bling On Your Cake!

    Posted in Cakes, Decor Ideas, Table Decor by Jaime on January 31, 2008

    Simply gorgeous.

    Pictures from the knottie bio by: Hawaiibride2be.

    Knottie Wedding…

    Posted in Ceremony, Decor Ideas by Jaime on January 31, 2008

     If you haven’t visted The Knot yet, do so now!  Thousands of brides showcase their wedding ideas and wedding pictures by putting them into a “knot bio“.  I love The Knot!  And am proud to say I’m a “knottie” too.  Ok, well now I’m a “nestie” on The Nest, but hey.

     Take a look at this ceremony decor.  Shows you don’t have to have flowers on every pew or chair (or even at all if you’d rather save the flowers for the reception).  If you do choose to have flowers at your ceremony, why not decorate every 5-10 chairs

    And this idea is just too cool…showcasing the weddings from your other family members, whether it’s your grandparents, parents, aunts, uncles, cousins…ha ha it’s beautiful.

    Pictures from the knottie bio by: MrsErinnElizabeth!


    Posted in Welcome by Jaime on January 31, 2008

    True love is hard to find…so hold on tight.

    Drop It Like It’s Hot…

    Posted in Style and Fashion by Jaime on January 31, 2008

    Look at this HOT HOT HOT inspiration board…it’s lovely!

    Found at: Creative Comforts.

    Throw Me The Cake!

    Posted in Bring In Baseball, Cakes by Jaime on January 29, 2008

    Ha ha…don’t laugh…it’s cool!  Maybe your style, maybe not your style, but either way, it’s a baseball-inspired wedding cake, that’s for sure!  And since you’re baseball fans, I had to share!

    Picture found on!

    Uh oh.  This cake screams, “Personalize ME!!!”.  I can picture it now…the cake or topper will say,

    “Now that they’re married, maybe Katie will let Ryan get to 3rd Base!”  HA HA HA HA HA (ok, I’m done.) lol Sorry.  It just came out. lol

    Why Marriage?

    Posted in Welcome by Jaime on January 29, 2008

    When we got married, I came across this poem that has such wonderful meaning.  Now that you’re getting married, I’m sharing it with you!  I’m so happy for the both of you!!!

    “Why Marriage” -Author Unknown

    Because to the depths of me, I long to love one person,
    With all my heart, my soul, my mind, my body…

    Because I need a forever friend to trust with the intimacies of me,
    Who won’t hold them against me,
    Who loves me when I’m unlikable,
    Who sees the small child in me, and
    Who looks for the divine potential of me…

    Because I need to cuddle in the warmth of the night
    With someone who thanks God for me,
    With someone I feel blessed to hold…

    Because marriage means opportunity
    To grow in love in friendship…

    Because marriage is a discipline
    To be added to a list of achievements…

    Because marriages do not fail, people fail
    When they enter into marriage
    Expecting another to make them whole…

    Because, knowing this,
    I promise myself to take full responsibility
    For my spiritual, mental and physical wholeness
    I create me,
    I take half of the responsibility for my marriage
    Together we create our marriage…

    Because with this understanding
    The possibilities are limitless.

    Sunny Day, Sunny Flowers!

    Posted in Table Decor by Jaime on January 29, 2008

    Picture from: Alazar Soiree Blog!

    Picture from!

    More Eye Candy!

    Posted in Cakes, Food & Drink, Style and Fashion, Table Decor by Jaime on January 29, 2008

     I love everything about this inspiration board…aaaah, eye candy!

    Picture thanks to!

    Sign Please!

    Posted in Reception Accessories by Jaime on January 29, 2008

    Who needs a guestbook when you have a matted frame for guests to sign at your wedding?  Such a great idea, as it allows the bride and groom to display it forever, rather than find it dusty in a box ten years later.  Sweet!

    Picture from: SJB Weddings and Events!

    Little Black Dress.

    Posted in Style and Fashion by Jaime on January 28, 2008

    Good idea, Katie!  You can’t go wrong with the “little black dress” idea for your bridesmaids

    There are several stores you could check out for this little black dress look.  And several ways to “get the look for less“.  Here are a few for your viewing pleasure! 

    Anthropology – $128.00

    Black House White Market – $148.00  

    J.Crew – $98.00

    Ann Taylor – $79.44   

    Forever 21 – $27.80 

    Target – $39.99  

    Inspiration Boards!

    Posted in Ceremony, Decor Ideas, Placecards, Table Decor by Jaime on January 28, 2008

    A delightful inspiration board from

    Got me thinking about Jill’s friend who got married last summer…they set up a champagne bar before the ceremony for guests to enjoy.  You could do the same!  And the color from the champagne glasses filled would tie in more yellow!

    As guests are arriving, set up a table covered with champagne glasses, and have a bartender or close friend start pouring as the guests show up.  Open it just 15 – 20 minutes before the ceremony, enough time for everyone to enjoy one glass!

    And yet more inspiration…a placecard tree!



    Posted in Decor Ideas by Jaime on January 28, 2008

    I adore how they used limes to fill the vases here, using either sunflowers or daisies

    Picture from!

    Have Fun With Wording…

    Posted in Bring In Baseball by Jaime on January 28, 2008

    In junior high, when I finally got up the nerve to call a BOY, I was relieved to hear it was his answering machine that picked up instead of him. 

    The message on the machine said,

    “It’s going back.  Waaaaaaay back.  It might be!  It could be!  IT IS!  It’s outta here and so are we, so please leave your message after the tone.”

    For some strange reason, this popped into my head while looking for ideas for your wedding.  Then it got me thinking…if you wanted to incorporate baseball into your wedding, why not do it with wording?

    Whether it’s on your programs, seating cards, favors, or even invitations, it’s sure to be a hit because it’s coming from you.  Something to ponder!

    Photo Cake?

    Posted in Cakes by Jaime on January 28, 2008

    How fun would it be to put pictures of the two of you enjoying baseball games, or whatever other cherished memories you may have, onto your cake for guests to admire!  It’s definitely different, but I love the uniqueness of it.  The pictures, I believe, would be taken off before serving, of course…unless they transfer it onto sugar paper.

    You could definitely dress it up with yellow ribbon, and instead of the frame topper, put sunflowers on top.  You could also put sunflowers around the layer bases…it could be really cute!  Simply an idea…there are SEVERAL out there! lol

    Cake done by: Sue Streck (775) 883-4900

    Yellow Tail Sparkling White Wine!

    Posted in Food & Drink, Gift Ideas by Jaime on January 27, 2008

    Ok, so sticking with a black, white and yellow theme for your wedding, what a perfect sparkling wine!  You could either use it to serve to guests (it’s very affordable at about $7.99/bottle!), or use it as bridal party gifts

    Read more about it on this lovely blog: Yellow Brick Blog!

    Looking for a delightful wine

    At about $9.99/bottle, why not try Cupcake Chardonnay!


    More Cake Please!

    Posted in Cakes by Jaime on January 27, 2008

    Picture by:

    Coaster Favors!

    Posted in Bring In Baseball, favors by Jaime on January 26, 2008

    There’s the idea of using coasters on the bar, then there’s the idea of giving coasters as favors!  I know Dee can make coasters, maybe you could personalize them with a picture of a sunflower or baseball, then give one or 4 as favors, tie a ribbon around them, and wa-la! 

    It’s be a favor that would not only be a hit the day of the wedding, but for years to come as guests could actually use them at home!

    Idea thanks to!

    Color Pop!

    Posted in Style and Fashion by Jaime on January 26, 2008

    Katie, you could SO pull off yellow shoes with your dress!  And Ryan with Converse shoes…love it.  Hey, it’s just an idea! 🙂  Out of the millions out there…it’s true eye candy to look at all things wedding!

    Photo by: One Love Photo

    Favors With Flavors!

    Posted in favors by Jaime on January 26, 2008

    Lemon-heads would make excellent and affordable favors, and is a wonderful way to add color to your tables!  If you wanted to display them like this, Dee might be able to help you create coasters or tags to go with them!  Whether you dress them up in boxes, tins, or tulle, they’re sure to be a hit!

    Photo from!

    Here’s another great idea, found on

    You could take these to use as not only favors, but placecard holders too…I’ve seen it done where they stick a toothpick in the middle of each one, and then a placecard through the top of the toothpick, with the guests’ names on each.  Creative, fun, and the perfect color for a sunflower wedding!

    Show Some Nebraska Love…

    Posted in Bring In Baseball, Decor Ideas by Jaime on January 25, 2008

    Our dear Aunt Dee had a wonderful idea since you’re such a Nebraska fan!  Why not show a little Nebraska love at your wedding, by placing Nebraska coasters up on the bar?  She could make them for you!!! 

    You could also maybe ask her to make some baseball coasters too.  Picture it, baseball coasters and coasters with the big red N on them.  Now that’s showin’ some love! 

    Ways To Save Money…

    Posted in Ways To Save Money by Jaime on January 25, 2008

    Hey you two…while it’s fun to look at pictures and get ideas, keep in mind weddings DO get expensive, so decide what’s most important to you and splurge on that.  Here’s a list I’ve compiled of ways to cut back and save money.  You’ll also save your sanity, and your parents’ too!  You can be budget savvy and still have the wedding of your dreams! 

    1.  Order a SMALL fancy cake to show off at the cake table, but keep a large sheet cake in back to cut & serve to guests, they’ll never know, and you’ll save TONS on your cake costs!

    2.  Having a Friday wedding is a great idea, so much less expensive than Saturday weddings!

    3.  Use your bridesmaids bouquets as centerpieces, just put them into vases on every other table, or use them to decorate your headtable by laying them towards the guests, or placing in vases as well.  This will save you TONS of money flowers and centerpieces!

    4.  Want to decorate with candlelight?  Before you go and purchase 200 glass votive holders or hurricane vases, ask your reception venue if they have any to lend you.  Ours did, and we saved hundreds of dollars, because we were able to borrow them from our hall!  All we did was supply the actual candles, which I got for free by hosting a Partylite candle party!   Another great idea is to order your centerpieces after hosting a Partylite candle party, get them for free with your hostess credit you earn.  Ask your mom, Katie…she’s all about Partylite!  My friend did this, it’s such a great idea!

    5.  When picking your menu, opt out on ordering dessert, and just use your wedding cake as the dessert instead!

    6.  Also, when choosing your menu, offer both chicken and a vegetarian meal like pasta, something everyone will love.  Often times vegetarian meals like pasta cost less than meals with meat…and can be just as delicious!  Another thing to do is ask your venue if they have children’s meals you can offer your guests…those are also much less than “grown up” meals, and great for any kids attending your wedding!

    7.  Three words.  Do-It-Yourself.  Otherwise known as “D.I.Y”, you can save tons of money by doing things yourself, such as tying your own favors, making your own bridesmaid gifts (cookies, personalized bags, etc.), and paying attention to Martha Stewart ( to help you find other creative ideas to save money by making things yourself!  Also check out your local craft store, or go to   Don’t have the time or energy?  No worries, that’s what your bridesmaids and family are for!!!  I’m in! 

    8.  Pick flowers that are local, and in season.  Splurge on your bouquet because you deserve it since you’re the bride and all, but have your bridesmaids each carry either one flower or 3…it’s still beautiful, and will save you a lot of dough!

    9.  Interview, interview, interview SEVERAL vendors before choosing any.  Do your research, or ask me and I’ll do it for you.  I’ll even go to the interviews! lol It’s SO important to research and interview each vendor, as there is always the fine print at the bottom.  READ THE CONTRACTS before you sign, ask lots of questions and don’t book unless you get answers you’re happy with.  This is YOUR day.  It only happens once.  No sense in paying $20,000.00 for a so-called “amazing” photographer if they’re going to leave the wedding right after dinner.  That actually happened to one of my friends, she was devestated.  Also, barter with your vendors.  It never hurts to ask for a better deal.  They won’t always say yes, but sometimes they do!

    10.  Pay as you go.  It’s easier to pay your vendors in monthly installments than it is to pay all at once the night of the wedding, plus it’s less stressful!  And it forces you to not spend that “extra money” laying around.  Most vendors are happy to work with you on this, they’ll take your money any time!  Ha ha.

    11.  Instead of having a full open bar, why not offer a signature drink that you as a couple create (maybe in your wedding colors), and only serve that along with wine and beer.  Or, just serve wine and beer!   Instead of having a champagne offered all night, only offer it for the toast.  These options are perfectly acceptable at weddings.

    12.  Do you really want to actually SAVE money?  Do what we did.  Live on Ramen Noodles and movie marathons, baby!  Your dough will add up REAL quickly if you’re not going out and spending it all! 

    More money saving ideas to come…these are just a few to get you started.  Hope you found it helpful.  Happy planning!

    Down The Aisle…

    Posted in Ceremony by Jaime on January 25, 2008

    If you’re getting married outside, and have the option to do this, it could be cool…but using petals it could also be expensive!  What you COULD do, however, is create your own runner and paint your initials, or simply have the flower girl throw yellow petals, it’d be just as beautiful. 

    Don’t worry so much about decorating for your ceremony unless it’s important to you…the majority of the wedding will be spent at the reception.   If you focus your flower budget on the reception…it’ll save you tons!

     First photo – Photography by:

    Dress La Mesas For Your Fiesta!

    Posted in Table Decor by Jaime on January 25, 2008

    Oooooh….what fun ways to dress up tables if you decide to do so!  Sometimes design is awesome, sometimes less is more…it all depends on your tastes.  No matter what, though, your wedding is going to be BEAUTIFUL!  I’m so excited.  Here are a few ideas to look at…yes, dearies, EYE CANDY!!!

    Photography by:

    Here’s a picture from, I love how this kind of shows how you can use your bridesmaids bouquets as table centerpieces too!

    Black, White, and Yellow All Over!

    Posted in Decor Ideas by Jaime on January 25, 2008

    Fun and fabulous ways to design your wedding, using black, white and yellow! 

    Bridesmaids in black, a yellow “signature drink” you create & serve, black & white paisley or polka dots, black or yellow sashes on your flower girls, use lemons to put into bowls or vases for centerpieces!  And of course, don’t forget the sunflowers!  The ideas are endless.

    Take Me Out To The Ball (Game)!

    Posted in Bring In Baseball, favors by Jaime on January 25, 2008

    So you little love birds love baseball, do ya? 

    Well why not incorporate it somehow into your wedding?  There have been several couples who have done this, and have done it in class and style!

    Take a look at some of these ideas on how to show off your baseball pride!

    What if you rented a popcorn stand?  How cute would that be! 

    Picture from

    Get your engagement pictures done at a baseball park, like this couple did!

    Have your groomsmen wear “Converse” shoes…oh so very baseball…and oh sooo cool for pictures!

    Use baseballs as your favors, with your wedding date written on each, and maybe even your autographs!

    Cakes Galore!

    Posted in Cakes by Jaime on January 25, 2008

    Some reception venues will include the cake in your wedding package.  Usually the venue will already have a cake selection you can choose from if that’s the case. 

    However, if you have to get your own cake because it’s not included, you can get creative with styles!  Here are a few styles that might fit your wedding.  Yum, yum, yum!  I LOVE wedding cake!  These are a few Michelle found.

    Cake #1

    Cake #2

    Cake #3

    Cake #4

    Cake #5

    Cake #6

    Cake #7

    Sunflower Placecard Display!

    Posted in Placecards by Jaime on January 25, 2008

    Here is a great placecard design for a black, yellow & white wedding!

    Welcome! Congratulations Katie & Ryan!

    Posted in Welcome by Jaime on January 25, 2008

    Congratulations on your engagement, Katie & Ryan!  And Ryan, welcome to the family! 

     I’ve decided to start this blog for you, to keep fresh ideas and inspiration in your sweet minds as you go through the whole planning process. 

    Planning a wedding can be fun, but it can also sometimes get stressful if you let it.  My advice?  Plan as far ahead as you can, take time away from planning once in a while to enjoy being engaged, and while planning, have fun with it and soak it up, it only happens once! 

    Any questions or help you may need you know you can call on me, and I’d be happy to offer any assistance.  I love weddings, and I love you! 

    So happy planning, enjoy, and check back often for new ideas, I’ll be posting weekly (if not daily because I’m obsessed with weddings…ha ha).  Love you!

     Love, Jaime