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Ways To Save Money…

Posted in Ways To Save Money by Jaime on January 25, 2008

Hey you two…while it’s fun to look at pictures and get ideas, keep in mind weddings DO get expensive, so decide what’s most important to you and splurge on that.  Here’s a list I’ve compiled of ways to cut back and save money.  You’ll also save your sanity, and your parents’ too!  You can be budget savvy and still have the wedding of your dreams! 

1.  Order a SMALL fancy cake to show off at the cake table, but keep a large sheet cake in back to cut & serve to guests, they’ll never know, and you’ll save TONS on your cake costs!

2.  Having a Friday wedding is a great idea, so much less expensive than Saturday weddings!

3.  Use your bridesmaids bouquets as centerpieces, just put them into vases on every other table, or use them to decorate your headtable by laying them towards the guests, or placing in vases as well.  This will save you TONS of money flowers and centerpieces!

4.  Want to decorate with candlelight?  Before you go and purchase 200 glass votive holders or hurricane vases, ask your reception venue if they have any to lend you.  Ours did, and we saved hundreds of dollars, because we were able to borrow them from our hall!  All we did was supply the actual candles, which I got for free by hosting a Partylite candle party!   Another great idea is to order your centerpieces after hosting a Partylite candle party, get them for free with your hostess credit you earn.  Ask your mom, Katie…she’s all about Partylite!  My friend did this, it’s such a great idea!

5.  When picking your menu, opt out on ordering dessert, and just use your wedding cake as the dessert instead!

6.  Also, when choosing your menu, offer both chicken and a vegetarian meal like pasta, something everyone will love.  Often times vegetarian meals like pasta cost less than meals with meat…and can be just as delicious!  Another thing to do is ask your venue if they have children’s meals you can offer your guests…those are also much less than “grown up” meals, and great for any kids attending your wedding!

7.  Three words.  Do-It-Yourself.  Otherwise known as “D.I.Y”, you can save tons of money by doing things yourself, such as tying your own favors, making your own bridesmaid gifts (cookies, personalized bags, etc.), and paying attention to Martha Stewart ( to help you find other creative ideas to save money by making things yourself!  Also check out your local craft store, or go to   Don’t have the time or energy?  No worries, that’s what your bridesmaids and family are for!!!  I’m in! 

8.  Pick flowers that are local, and in season.  Splurge on your bouquet because you deserve it since you’re the bride and all, but have your bridesmaids each carry either one flower or 3…it’s still beautiful, and will save you a lot of dough!

9.  Interview, interview, interview SEVERAL vendors before choosing any.  Do your research, or ask me and I’ll do it for you.  I’ll even go to the interviews! lol It’s SO important to research and interview each vendor, as there is always the fine print at the bottom.  READ THE CONTRACTS before you sign, ask lots of questions and don’t book unless you get answers you’re happy with.  This is YOUR day.  It only happens once.  No sense in paying $20,000.00 for a so-called “amazing” photographer if they’re going to leave the wedding right after dinner.  That actually happened to one of my friends, she was devestated.  Also, barter with your vendors.  It never hurts to ask for a better deal.  They won’t always say yes, but sometimes they do!

10.  Pay as you go.  It’s easier to pay your vendors in monthly installments than it is to pay all at once the night of the wedding, plus it’s less stressful!  And it forces you to not spend that “extra money” laying around.  Most vendors are happy to work with you on this, they’ll take your money any time!  Ha ha.

11.  Instead of having a full open bar, why not offer a signature drink that you as a couple create (maybe in your wedding colors), and only serve that along with wine and beer.  Or, just serve wine and beer!   Instead of having a champagne offered all night, only offer it for the toast.  These options are perfectly acceptable at weddings.

12.  Do you really want to actually SAVE money?  Do what we did.  Live on Ramen Noodles and movie marathons, baby!  Your dough will add up REAL quickly if you’re not going out and spending it all! 

More money saving ideas to come…these are just a few to get you started.  Hope you found it helpful.  Happy planning!


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  1. Delta said, on May 26, 2009 at 6:42 am

    Thank you soooo much for the ideas… I am planning a June wedding for next year and I am using lots of black and white damask and polka dot patterns… ALSO yellow flowers and ribbons… I love the ideas and the tips for saving money since my fiance is currently overseas the budget is a bit tight. Thanks again, can’t wait to see what will be put up next
    Delta, Clinton, Mo

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