Inspiration For A Black, White & Yellow Wedding!

Baseball Yumifications…

Posted in Bring In Baseball, favors by Jaime on February 15, 2008

Still not decided on how to bring a little touch of baseball into your wedding

Why not give out chocolate baseballs as your favors?  You could easily dress them up in different kinds of containers to flow with the black/white/yellow sunflower theme, and when they open the container your love of baseball will be a hit, as everyone loves chocolate!

Get them HERE, at The Magic Wand Sweet Shop!


Throw Me The Cake!

Posted in Bring In Baseball, Cakes by Jaime on January 29, 2008

Ha ha…don’t laugh…it’s cool!  Maybe your style, maybe not your style, but either way, it’s a baseball-inspired wedding cake, that’s for sure!  And since you’re baseball fans, I had to share!

Picture found on!

Uh oh.  This cake screams, “Personalize ME!!!”.  I can picture it now…the cake or topper will say,

“Now that they’re married, maybe Katie will let Ryan get to 3rd Base!”  HA HA HA HA HA (ok, I’m done.) lol Sorry.  It just came out. lol

Have Fun With Wording…

Posted in Bring In Baseball by Jaime on January 28, 2008

In junior high, when I finally got up the nerve to call a BOY, I was relieved to hear it was his answering machine that picked up instead of him. 

The message on the machine said,

“It’s going back.  Waaaaaaay back.  It might be!  It could be!  IT IS!  It’s outta here and so are we, so please leave your message after the tone.”

For some strange reason, this popped into my head while looking for ideas for your wedding.  Then it got me thinking…if you wanted to incorporate baseball into your wedding, why not do it with wording?

Whether it’s on your programs, seating cards, favors, or even invitations, it’s sure to be a hit because it’s coming from you.  Something to ponder!

Coaster Favors!

Posted in Bring In Baseball, favors by Jaime on January 26, 2008

There’s the idea of using coasters on the bar, then there’s the idea of giving coasters as favors!  I know Dee can make coasters, maybe you could personalize them with a picture of a sunflower or baseball, then give one or 4 as favors, tie a ribbon around them, and wa-la! 

It’s be a favor that would not only be a hit the day of the wedding, but for years to come as guests could actually use them at home!

Idea thanks to!

Show Some Nebraska Love…

Posted in Bring In Baseball, Decor Ideas by Jaime on January 25, 2008

Our dear Aunt Dee had a wonderful idea since you’re such a Nebraska fan!  Why not show a little Nebraska love at your wedding, by placing Nebraska coasters up on the bar?  She could make them for you!!! 

You could also maybe ask her to make some baseball coasters too.  Picture it, baseball coasters and coasters with the big red N on them.  Now that’s showin’ some love! 

Take Me Out To The Ball (Game)!

Posted in Bring In Baseball, favors by Jaime on January 25, 2008

So you little love birds love baseball, do ya? 

Well why not incorporate it somehow into your wedding?  There have been several couples who have done this, and have done it in class and style!

Take a look at some of these ideas on how to show off your baseball pride!

What if you rented a popcorn stand?  How cute would that be! 

Picture from

Get your engagement pictures done at a baseball park, like this couple did!

Have your groomsmen wear “Converse” shoes…oh so very baseball…and oh sooo cool for pictures!

Use baseballs as your favors, with your wedding date written on each, and maybe even your autographs!