Inspiration For A Black, White & Yellow Wedding!

Frilly Cakes!

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Check out the cakes over at – some sweet original inspiration!


Oh, Martha!

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Gotta love her inspiring ideas!  I mean, really…

I love it.  Daisy cupcakeschocolate brownies with daisy decor picksyellow candies…and best of all, yellow bubbles as favors

To find out how it was all pulled together so you can do it yourself, go HERE!

Mellow Yellow!

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 These pictures made me smile. 🙂

Creative Yellow Happiness! 

Found at!

Rice Krispy Tree(t)…

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Everyone Loves Rice Krispy Treats.  So Why Not Have A Rice Krispy Tree?

Want to think outside the cake box?  Instead of having an expensive cake, make a Rice Krispy tree!  You could also use these as centerpieces or as something special on a dessert buffet.

This would be a very easy (maybe time consuming) Do-It-Yourself project, and could also save you tons of money!

What you’ll need:

A pot(to use as the base), styrafoam for the middle (think tall cylinder shape or better a tree shape if you can find one), tissue paper (in your wedding colors), wooden popsicle sticks, your favorite rice krispy treat recipe, and chocolate to dip them in.

What I’d do:

Bake your treats like normal.  After baking, either cut them into circles or form them into balls.  Next, stick a wooden stick into each of the Rice Krispy Treats.  After you’re done with that, dip them into chocolate (the kind you put on ice-cream that hardens when frozen), and stick in freezer.

After the chocolate has hardened in the freezer, take them out.  Wrap each cookie with tissue paper around the base of the stick, but allowing the cookie to show.  Place stick into the styrafoam middle.  Work your way up until you have your tree!  As you work your way towards the top of the tree, start facing cookies up to form the shape of the tree. 

Wa-la!  You now have your Rice Krispy Tree!

Note: This rice krispy treat idea was my own, but the inspiration came from this picture found at: A Bride In The Making.  I am not sure if tree shown is actually rice krispy treats or cookies, but if I were to make it, that’s how I’d do it.  Happy baking!

P.S. Used with yellow tissue paper, this kind of resembles a sunflower look, doesn’t it? 🙂  Whoa.

Will You Marry Me, Lovely Cake?

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All I have to say about this cake is, “wow”.  Add some sunflowers on top and you’re set!

Cake found at: Dolcissima Events

Bling Bling On Your Cake!

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Simply gorgeous.

Pictures from the knottie bio by: Hawaiibride2be.

Throw Me The Cake!

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Ha ha…don’t laugh…it’s cool!  Maybe your style, maybe not your style, but either way, it’s a baseball-inspired wedding cake, that’s for sure!  And since you’re baseball fans, I had to share!

Picture found on!

Uh oh.  This cake screams, “Personalize ME!!!”.  I can picture it now…the cake or topper will say,

“Now that they’re married, maybe Katie will let Ryan get to 3rd Base!”  HA HA HA HA HA (ok, I’m done.) lol Sorry.  It just came out. lol

More Eye Candy!

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 I love everything about this inspiration board…aaaah, eye candy!

Picture thanks to!

Photo Cake?

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How fun would it be to put pictures of the two of you enjoying baseball games, or whatever other cherished memories you may have, onto your cake for guests to admire!  It’s definitely different, but I love the uniqueness of it.  The pictures, I believe, would be taken off before serving, of course…unless they transfer it onto sugar paper.

You could definitely dress it up with yellow ribbon, and instead of the frame topper, put sunflowers on top.  You could also put sunflowers around the layer bases…it could be really cute!  Simply an idea…there are SEVERAL out there! lol

Cake done by: Sue Streck (775) 883-4900

More Cake Please!

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Picture by:

Cakes Galore!

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Some reception venues will include the cake in your wedding package.  Usually the venue will already have a cake selection you can choose from if that’s the case. 

However, if you have to get your own cake because it’s not included, you can get creative with styles!  Here are a few styles that might fit your wedding.  Yum, yum, yum!  I LOVE wedding cake!  These are a few Michelle found.

Cake #1

Cake #2

Cake #3

Cake #4

Cake #5

Cake #6

Cake #7