Inspiration For A Black, White & Yellow Wedding!

Buy In Bulk!

Posted in Centerpiece Ideas by Jaime on February 28, 2008

You planted sunflower seeds in your backyard. They didn’t turn out as many as you had hoped? Fear not! You can order them online at Costco! Get 150 stems for only $129.99, or 80 stems for $89.99! Now you’ve got what you need to create your centerpieces. – Don’t have a memebership? Ask a friend or family member if they’ll go with you, and use theirs!

Another place to try online is, they too have a floral section to buy in bulk!


Rice Krispy Tree(t)…

Posted in Cakes, Centerpiece Ideas, Food & Drink, Ways To Save Money by Jaime on February 19, 2008

Everyone Loves Rice Krispy Treats.  So Why Not Have A Rice Krispy Tree?

Want to think outside the cake box?  Instead of having an expensive cake, make a Rice Krispy tree!  You could also use these as centerpieces or as something special on a dessert buffet.

This would be a very easy (maybe time consuming) Do-It-Yourself project, and could also save you tons of money!

What you’ll need:

A pot(to use as the base), styrafoam for the middle (think tall cylinder shape or better a tree shape if you can find one), tissue paper (in your wedding colors), wooden popsicle sticks, your favorite rice krispy treat recipe, and chocolate to dip them in.

What I’d do:

Bake your treats like normal.  After baking, either cut them into circles or form them into balls.  Next, stick a wooden stick into each of the Rice Krispy Treats.  After you’re done with that, dip them into chocolate (the kind you put on ice-cream that hardens when frozen), and stick in freezer.

After the chocolate has hardened in the freezer, take them out.  Wrap each cookie with tissue paper around the base of the stick, but allowing the cookie to show.  Place stick into the styrafoam middle.  Work your way up until you have your tree!  As you work your way towards the top of the tree, start facing cookies up to form the shape of the tree. 

Wa-la!  You now have your Rice Krispy Tree!

Note: This rice krispy treat idea was my own, but the inspiration came from this picture found at: A Bride In The Making.  I am not sure if tree shown is actually rice krispy treats or cookies, but if I were to make it, that’s how I’d do it.  Happy baking!

P.S. Used with yellow tissue paper, this kind of resembles a sunflower look, doesn’t it? 🙂  Whoa.