Inspiration For A Black, White & Yellow Wedding!

Knottie Wedding…

Posted in Ceremony, Decor Ideas by Jaime on January 31, 2008

 If you haven’t visted The Knot yet, do so now!  Thousands of brides showcase their wedding ideas and wedding pictures by putting them into a “knot bio“.  I love The Knot!  And am proud to say I’m a “knottie” too.  Ok, well now I’m a “nestie” on The Nest, but hey.

 Take a look at this ceremony decor.  Shows you don’t have to have flowers on every pew or chair (or even at all if you’d rather save the flowers for the reception).  If you do choose to have flowers at your ceremony, why not decorate every 5-10 chairs

And this idea is just too cool…showcasing the weddings from your other family members, whether it’s your grandparents, parents, aunts, uncles, cousins…ha ha it’s beautiful.

Pictures from the knottie bio by: MrsErinnElizabeth!


Inspiration Boards!

Posted in Ceremony, Decor Ideas, Placecards, Table Decor by Jaime on January 28, 2008

A delightful inspiration board from

Got me thinking about Jill’s friend who got married last summer…they set up a champagne bar before the ceremony for guests to enjoy.  You could do the same!  And the color from the champagne glasses filled would tie in more yellow!

As guests are arriving, set up a table covered with champagne glasses, and have a bartender or close friend start pouring as the guests show up.  Open it just 15 – 20 minutes before the ceremony, enough time for everyone to enjoy one glass!

And yet more inspiration…a placecard tree!


Down The Aisle…

Posted in Ceremony by Jaime on January 25, 2008

If you’re getting married outside, and have the option to do this, it could be cool…but using petals it could also be expensive!  What you COULD do, however, is create your own runner and paint your initials, or simply have the flower girl throw yellow petals, it’d be just as beautiful. 

Don’t worry so much about decorating for your ceremony unless it’s important to you…the majority of the wedding will be spent at the reception.   If you focus your flower budget on the reception…it’ll save you tons!

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