Inspiration For A Black, White & Yellow Wedding!

Sunflowers & Billy Buttons…

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Running out of dough but still want to add more touches of yellow for your wedding day? 

Instead of begging everyone you know to start planting sunflower seeds in hopes you’ll be able to have more sunflowers at your wedding, why not take a trip to the craft store instead? 

Think about using sticks or some sort of flower wire, to poke into styrafoam balls, which you could spray paint yellow and place into vases!  They could look like faux billy-button flowers!  

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One of my favorite sites for all things food, recipes, and dinner hosting is

PartySugar was able to attend a preview of DIFFA’s Dining By Design, a fundraiser hosted by Elle Decor.  Of the many tablescapes she encountered and posted on Yum Sugar, this was my very favorite.  Take a look!

To see more of the tablescapes she was delighted to see, go HERE.

Polka Dot or Polka Damask?

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Oooh…don’t you just love the mix of damask and polka dots together?  How stylishly fresh!

Found at: Lucky Designs!

Overdue…Here’s More Inspiration!

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Hello…daaahhhhlings!  I know, it’s been a couple of days since I’ve posted anything…but fear not, you’re not forgotten!  I’ve just been a busy little bee, that’s all!

Here’s some recent beautiful inspiration I found for you…hope you enjoy! 


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Bling Bling On Your Cake!

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Simply gorgeous.

Pictures from the knottie bio by: Hawaiibride2be.

Sunny Day, Sunny Flowers!

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Picture from: Alazar Soiree Blog!

Picture from!

More Eye Candy!

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 I love everything about this inspiration board…aaaah, eye candy!

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Inspiration Boards!

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A delightful inspiration board from

Got me thinking about Jill’s friend who got married last summer…they set up a champagne bar before the ceremony for guests to enjoy.  You could do the same!  And the color from the champagne glasses filled would tie in more yellow!

As guests are arriving, set up a table covered with champagne glasses, and have a bartender or close friend start pouring as the guests show up.  Open it just 15 – 20 minutes before the ceremony, enough time for everyone to enjoy one glass!

And yet more inspiration…a placecard tree!


Dress La Mesas For Your Fiesta!

Posted in Table Decor by Jaime on January 25, 2008

Oooooh….what fun ways to dress up tables if you decide to do so!  Sometimes design is awesome, sometimes less is more…it all depends on your tastes.  No matter what, though, your wedding is going to be BEAUTIFUL!  I’m so excited.  Here are a few ideas to look at…yes, dearies, EYE CANDY!!!

Photography by:

Here’s a picture from, I love how this kind of shows how you can use your bridesmaids bouquets as table centerpieces too!